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I’m  Jayne, an executive  coach, mentor and  trainer  . I help  leaders and professionals think, feel and perform at their best


How I help


Executive Coaching:
for Leaders & Professionals

I provide Executive Coaching to senior leaders and professionals from future leaders through to C-suite executives. I bring my own unique blend of corporate experience, business acumen, psychology and coaching expertise to guide my clients towards the outcomes they want.

Online Course
Happy Woman


Business Mentoring & Coaching
for Coaches & Consultants 

I help coaches and consultants attract clients and establish a predictable income. Using my 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, I work with business owners to co-create growth strategies by improving their sales and marketing skills as well as increasing their business confidence and productivity.


Coaching & Training at Scale
for Organisations


I’m the Co-founder of Work Stories Coaching, a high impact coaching solutions provider.   We are reinventing the way traditional coaching programmes are delivered to ensure people and businesses are successfully supported in today's rapidly changing workplaces. We help drive the growth of people and organisations through 1:1 digital coaching and coach skills training.

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What People Say

Kate Mischcon,


Her warm and down to earth approach really helped me to build up my confidence, unlock potential that I didn't even know I had ...I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach.

Lucy Puttergill,

Former Vice President, Banking

Jayne helped to break down what seemed like an enormous goal into much more manageable steps which in turn made it much easier for me to start to feel as if I was making progress rather than just floundering at the bottom of a huge mountain.

Jenni Lieto,

Head of Content Marketing

Jayne has an eye for spotting and honing the skills needed in both teams and individuals, and she is generous in her advice and leadership. Clear, growth-minded, decisive and calm in every situation.

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