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Executive  Coaching 

Helping you to think, feel and perform at your best

The role of leader is changing quickly along with the environment we work in. Today’s managers and leaders need to continually adapt, inspire, influence, and foster a culture of trust, collaboration, innovation and creativity. Becoming the leader we want to be isn't an easy path. Sometimes we need support and that's where I come in. I work with managers and leaders from a broad range of industries and companies. My mission is to help my clients think, feel and perform at their best.

My 1-to-1 coaching services provide a space for my clients to think, focus on their own  agenda, raise the issues that need to be resolved, create a plan to achieve their goals,  and develop as leaders.  Through powerful coaching conversations my role is to support,  challenge thinking and inspire action. Every coaching intervention is different and designed around the needs and  outcomes of my clients.



Executive Coaching Topics

  • Managing conflict and having difficult conversations

  • Increasing presence, personal impact and influence

  • Improving team motivation and performance

  • Increasing self awareness in order to better understand your own thoughts and behaviour 

  • Increasing resilience, confidence and well-being 

  • Stepping up into a new leadership role/ first 100 days in role 

  • Discovering, defining and exploring your leadership style

  • Supporting women into leadership  including the challenges of working in male dominated environments

Specialist Programmes


Careering into Change

Now more than ever professionals are questioning their career choices and wondering if there’s more out there for them.  Careering into Change is my career coaching programme designed to help unfulfilled professionals gain clarity around what it is they want. Once you know what you want we can then work on implementing your goals and moving forward with confidence.



Sales Mindset Coaching

Sales mindset coaching focuses on helping sales professionals develop the right mindset, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours that lead to sales success. My 1-1 coaching programmes are designed to build confidence, maintain motivation, and increase productivity.  Coaching allows thinking time to focus on sales strategies and implementation plans. It builds positive and empowered mindsets to help develop a future ready sales team.


Coaching Solutions at Scale

For High Impact Coaching and Coaching Skills training please visit me at Work Stories Coaching, a business I co-founded to scale my  offering to organisations. Our ambition is simple, we want to  equip today’s  leaders for tomorrow’s challenges, enabling more impactful and inspiring conversations through our coaching solutions. 

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