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“With the economy and uncertainty within my company  my coaching sessions were so valuable. I’ve been braver, felt more authentic and used my creativity to drive business outcomes and achieve a successful quarter against all odds."

Libby Rudd

HR, Charity Sector

“ Jayne has really helped me think through my approach to management, communication styles and work life balance with fresh eyes. I have come away from my sessions feeling more confident about my ability, and armed with tools and ideas to help me develop in my role ."

Charlotte Crowson

Senior Manager, Tech Industry

"Working with Jayne has been a really positive experience and has helped me to overcome a number of self-made barriers in my career. As someone who had not had executive coaching before I have found her extremely approachable, calm and considered. Throughout the sessions she has asked insightful questions that have given me a different perspective, helping me to breakdown the problem or goal and I come out of every session with much more clarity and determination to get closer to my goals."

Carly Alexandra

Project Manger, Tech & Marketing Industry

“I started coaching  feeling down, full of anxiety and lacking in confidence.  However, working with Jayne has been one of the most impactful experiences I’ve had. I was lucky to work with someone who was so experienced and knowledgeable in my industry, and very early on, she honed in on my specific skills and potential. I can’t explain how, but she manages to put every insecurity I have at ease and helped me to put my best self forward.
I will be honest, I was on the fence about signing up for a few months, and wondered if I could save money and do it alone. But it has turned out to be the best investment I could have made for my career. Jayne was with me when I lost my job, helped me secure my dream job quickly (with a pay rise too) and helped support me during the first few months. I have never started a new job with so much confidence and excitement instead of dread”

Jenni Lieto,
Head of Content Marketing, Dentsu Finland

“ I had the priviledge to enjoy Jayne’s training and mentoring skills and learn from her vast experience from different markets and clients. The skills acquired contributed to my promotion as the Head of John Brown content marketing Helsinki.
Jayne has an eye for spotting and honing the skills needed in both teams and individuals. Clear, growth-minded, decisive and calm in every situation are the qualities I admire in Jayne, but also her supportive and human-centric approach. She’s someone when faced with a challenge, you can count on to have the right questions and support to help you move forward."

Lucy Puttergill, 
Business owner & Former VP Banking Sector​

"I started working with Jayne having left a 10 year city career  to transition into working for myself. I came into the sessions feeling  stuck and to be honest slightly paralysed as to my next steps. I knew vaguely where I wanted to go but couldn’t seem to take action to move forward. Jayne helped me to break down what seemed like an enormous goal into much more manageable steps which in turn made it much easier for me to start to feel as if I was making progress rather than just floundering at the bottom of a huge mountain. She is a wonderfully calming & kind presence whilst also holding the space in a way where any limiting beliefs that come up through discussion are very quickly and aptly deconstructed."

Katie Sogorski,
Founder & CEO, About Communications

“My sessions with Jayne gave me the headspace to make important decisions about my business that would increase my revenue and give me job
satisfaction. I was a huge cynic about business coaching before working with Jayne, believing it was all about over promising and asking the universe for help... However, Jayne is none of that. She is calm, measured, and asked questions that really helped unpick what might be stopping me from achieving my goals and made me accountable one week to the next."
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