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Ways to work with me

1-to-1 Business Coaching & Mentoring

I work with consultants, coaches, and professional service providers looking for help to grow their business and establish a predictable income.

My 1-to-1 programmes mean I’m able to give you my full attention and tailor our sessions specifically to you and your business. We can flex the content, address your needs as they arise and go at a pace designed around you. So, if you need more sales and marketing support and less strategy, no problem, the content of the programme will be designed specifically to you.  To discover more about the type of content I cover, click HERE

I provide ‘a done with you’ rather than a ‘done for you’ service. My aim is to support and upskill you where possible so you can implement the strategies we develop together.


                                                   3 ways to work with me:

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