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Executive Coaching

Ways to work with me

Who's it for?

I work with consultants, coaches, and professional service providers who are looking for help to grow their business and establish a predictable income.

My 1-to-1 programmes allow me to give you my full attention and tailor our sessions specifically to you and your business. We are able to flex the content, address your needs as they arise and go at a pace designed around you. So, if you need more sales and marketing support and less strategy, no problem, the content of the programme will be designed specifically to you.  

I provide ‘a done with you’ rather than a ‘done for you’ service. My aim is to support and upskill you where possible so you can implement the strategies independently.

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01. Transform

My flagship 6 month mentoring programme delivered 1-1 or in small pods

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02. Accelerate

An intensive half or full day coaching and mentoring session.

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03. Breakthrough-in-90

A 90 minute call with a 90 day action plan.

Katie Sogorski,

Marketing Consultant

My sessions with Jayne gave me the headspace to make important decisions about my business that would increase my revenue and give me job satisfaction. I was a huge cynic about business coaching before working with Jayne, believing it was all about over promising and asking the universe for help... However, Jayne is none of that. She is calm, measured, and asked questions that really helped unpick what might be stopping me from achieving my goals and made me accountable one week to the next.

What my clients say

Lucy Puttergill,


Jayne helped me to  break down what seemed like an enormous goal into much more manageable steps which in turn made it much easier for me to start to feel as if I was making progress rather than just floundering at the bottom of a huge mountain.

Rosie Hancock,


Jayne has been truly instrumental in opening my eyes to how I can make so much more out of my business. After  following Jayne's suggestions after only one session I secured a booking and gained a number of new enquiries. It opened me up to networking with others in my local area,I had wanted to connect with before but hadn’t been sure how to do so. 

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